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Oral Care Club Mouthwash Tablets 60 count (2-pack)

These all-natural mouthwash tablets offer a convenient and eco-friendly way to freshen your breath. Each tablet contains CoQ10 to protect gums, hydroxyapatite to strengthen enamel, and probiotics to maintain oral microbiome balance. They also feature xylitol, a natural sweetener that fights cavities. Unlike liquid mouthwashes, these tablets are free of alcohol, dyes, flavors and synthetic preservatives. The biodegradable packaging is made from renewable bamboo instead of plastic, making it kinder to the environment. Simply chew the tablet until it dissolves and rinse with saliva. If more swishing power is desired a small amount of water may also be added to your mouth. After 30 seconds of swishing spit out contents of mouth and enjoy your fresh clean breath, stronger teeth and healthier gums. At less than a penny per use, they offer savings over bottled mouthwash as well. Try them for healthier teeth and gums for you and a better environment for all.