ZIMBA Teeth Whitening Strips - Mint - Zimba Whitening Strips - Teeth Whitening Sensitive Teeth - White Strips Teeth Whitening - Best Teeth Whitener - Natural Whitening Strips - 28 Strips - 14 Uses

Brand: Zimba


  • INSTANT RESULTS: Our professional-grade teeth whitening strips easily remove years of stains.
  • NATURAL MINT OIL Your tastebuds will love our chemical-free, icy fresh mint flavor!
  • REDUCED SENSITIVITY: Enamel-safe and gentle on sensitive teeth for pain-free natural teeth whitener.
  • NON-SLIP TECHNOLOGY: Our whitening strip's advanced adhesion results in a whiter, more even smile.
  • AFFORDABLE: Everyone deserves a bright white smile! Pay HALF of what you would for big brand strips.

Publisher: Zimba

Details: INSTANT RESULTS WITH ZIMBA WHITENING STRIPS Do you want a smile that's up to 6 shades whiter after only 14 uses? Well, you'll see those results with our professional Teeth Whitening Strips! Getting whiter teeth has never been so affordable, tasted this good and worked this well. 28 stain-removing strips (14 upper, 14 lower) come in every box and, when used as directed, will eliminate years of stains leaving you with a better, brighter smile! Specifically designed to give you noticeably whiter teeth after the first use and a long-lasting white smile for months! FOR SENSITIVE TEETH Reducing tooth sensitivity leads to less pain allowing for an easier, more enjoyable teeth whitening experience. Our sensitive teeth whitening strips have been formulated to reduce sensitivity as much as possible. If you do experience sensitivity during or after treatment it will be brief. NATURAL TEETH WHITENING INGREDIENTS Whiten teeth without the nasty chemical taste. Try our delicious, natural coconut and mint flavors that act as an additional stain remover to our already powerful formula! The coconut oil will give you a smooth, tropical taste while the mint oil delivers an icy fresh fragrance – both will leave your taste buds in paradise! Zimba whitening strips use natural flavoring opposed to artificial sweeteners found in other whitening products, toothpaste and tooth whitening gel. A STUNNING SMILE IN 3-2-1! 1. PEEL: Peel ach strip away from the film 2. APPLY: Apply the sticky side against your top teeth. Repeat for your bottom teeth. (Avoid contact with your gums!) 3. SMILE: After 30 minutes, remove and rinse out. You can expect a brand new smile after 14 days!

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