Whitening Electric Toothbrushes for Adults Electric Toothbrush Clean as Dentist Rechargeable Sonic Electric Toothbrush Powerful Cleaning

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Color: White


  • EXCELLENT FACIAL SPA:You would never constract that our waterproof ultrasonic electric toothbrushes have a face wash function,other than normal Face washing equipment,our toothbrush has two Face wash brushes, Each one can produce 46000 vibration frequency per minute while the Traditional Facial Cleaning Brush is 8000 vpm,remove dirt, oil and excess sebum, while performing a firming facial massage to make the skin smoother,you will enjoy this softest skincare device in this beauty world.
  • YOUR HEALTH GUARD:As we all know,a major event in 2019 endangered the safety of all human life,health has become a topic that people can not ignore,our waterproof ultrasonic electric toothbrush is prepared of this.You can put the toothbrush in the base for drying and deep cleaning,besides,one charge can be used for approx one month,you don’t have to worry about its endurance.We also thought of the travel problem for you intimately, so we have prepared a travel case for you to store it easily.
  • 5 HIGH-PERFORMANCE BRUSHING MODES:This best soft toothbrush for sensitive gums has 5 modes to suit different conditions of teeth and gums: WHITE, CLEAN, SENSITIVE, POLISH, GUM CARE.4 electric toothbrush heads made by Dupont nylon allow you to use this lightweight electric toothbrush for a longer period of time.Beside,the waterproof level of it is IPX7,you can be at ease about this adult electric toothbrush.What’s more,the handle of it is rubber so that you will have a comfortable grip.
  • POWERFUL SONIC CLEANING:This best soft toothbrush for sensitive gums is EPA and FDA certificated,it can produce 31000-46000 vibration frequency per minute,Although it has such a high frequency, but the amplitude of it is very low,which is dentist recommend-better protection of tooth enamel.Beside,it is an extremely quiet toothbrush, you can brush your teeth while listening a song,give you a good mood and not disturb you.
  • 0 WORRY AFTER-SALES SERVICE—The waterproof ultrasonic electric toothbrush for adults has the FDA authoritative certification. EZDAILY also provides two-year warranty service to assure you with double guarantee. Our customer service team will be there 24 hours a day to answer any of your questions, leaving no worries to you.

Details: EZDAILY Electric Toothbrush Contain: 1.Toothbrush Handle 2.Drying Charging Seat 3.4 Toothbrush Heads 4.2 Face Care Heads 5.USB Plug 6.Travel Case 7.Instruction   Best soft toothbrush for sensitive gums 5 Modes: Our waterproof ultrasonic electric toothbrush has 5modes:Clean, White Polish,Gum Care And Sensitive. IPX7 waterproof:The waterproof level of this waterproof ultrasonic electric toothbrush is IPX7,You can be at ease about this best soft toothbrush for sensitive gums. Face wash function:Our waterproof ultrasonic electric toothbrush can wash face,our waterproof ultrasonic electric toothbrush will do a comfortable facial spa on your face. Sweetest protection:A good electric toothbrush will give you a quiet brushing experience,You can listen to the song while using our best soft toothbrush for sensitive gums. 2 Mins Smart Timer:2 Minutes Brushing Time,our waterproof ultrasonic electric toothbrush is recommended by Your Dental Professional,Remind to Change the Brushing Area Every 30s 46000 Vpm:Our best soft toothbrush for sensitive gums is of High Frequency, but Very Gentle, Suitable for People With Sensitive Teeth,it is absolutely a best soft toothbrush for sensitive gums.   Integrated Drying,and Charging Fully Charged can Be Used for 30 Days   4 Dupont Toothbrush Heads Individual Package Recommended Frequency of Toothbrush Head Replacement: 3 Months Tips:If You Find That Your Toothbrush is Weaker Than Before, There May Be Three Reasons 1.It's Time to Recharge 2.Toothbrush Bristles Exploded (You Need to Replace The Toothbrush Head or Put It in Hot Water Over 176 Fahrenheit to Recover) 3.There is Toothpaste Adhesion Under the Toothbrush Head, It is Recommended to Clean  Multifunctional Facial Brush Heads 2 Pcs Material:Si

Package Dimensions: 12.2 x 8.8 x 4.6 inches