The Dirt All Natural Coconut Oil Toothpaste (Cacao Mint, Six Month Supply 150g)

Brand: The Dirt


  • Combine the antibacterial properties of coconut oil with natural detoxifying and cleansing benefits of bentonite clay. This makes our toothpaste tough on plaque and gentle on your gums, leaving your teeth fresh and clean. Everyday we are putting unnecessary chemicals into our body, with toothpaste being one of the biggest offenders. Our paste has no fluoride, SLS, Triclosan, Glycerin, or plastic microbeads, so you can feel good about using this product.
  • A little goes a long way! No need to load up your brush like conventional paste when a small pea-sized dab is enough for brightening your smile. It may seem expensive, but our largest size can last up to 6 months of individual use, making it comparatively cheap. You'll feel real relief when you see the powerful long-term periodontal effects of using an eco friendly option that even professionals can get behind. Brush as normal, floss, and rinse with water or mouthwash.
  • Essential oils gives this paste a natural and fresh taste, unlike the overpowering flavor of commercial toothpastes. The flavor is gentle and pleasant, making it especially great for those who are sensitive, especially kids! Our unique combinations are sure to make dental care fun for adults and children alike. We use mints like peppermint and spearmint, mix them with cocoa, and add a dash of rose. Our Sweet Cinnamon spice stands alone, not adulterated with cloves or cardamom.
  • Helps aid natural remineralization of your teeth. Our mineral base contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, iron, sodium, sulphur, carbon, and up to another 50 trace mineral elements. Not only does it naturally repair the hydroxyapatite of your enamel, but the polishing action smooths the surface of your now radiant teeth. Increased oral hygiene boosts immunity and reduces infection. A healthy mouth is naturally anti bacterial and antifungal, as well as multiple other benefits.
  • Our toothpaste comes in three great tastes: Cacao Mint, Rose Cacao Mint, and Sweet Cinnamon. Choose from two sizes: 150g and our travel size, 73g (2.5 oz). We also have a variety pack of all three of our botanical flavored bestsellsers in sample (35g) size. For more earth products to keep your teeth cavity- and disease-free, check out our storefront! We have nature friendly silk floss, herbal extract oil pulling mouth wash, even a bamboo charcoal toothbrush that works with paste and toothpowder!

Publisher: The Dirt

Details: Our all-natural toothpaste combines the antibacterial properties of MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil) with the natural detoxifying and cleansing benefits of bentonite clay, which is firm enough to remove plaque from your teeth, but soft enough not to damage your enamel. To boot, the food-grade essential oils we include not only impart great flavor, but also provide antiseptic and antibacterial benefits. Our Coconut Toothpaste is fluoride, SLS, paraben and glycerine free, our stuff is all-killer-no-filler - so you'll only need a 'split pea' amount for each use! Comes in three great flavors: Cacao Mint, Rose Cacao Mint, and Sweet Cinnamon Are you exhausted from weighing a healthy mouth against your concern for Mother Terra? Worry no more, and restore your happy, toothy grin to its squeaky clean self. Our coca nut oil toothpaste isn't just any other beauty and cosmetics product. We don't hide behind gimmicks like tropical pineapple, vanilla, hibiscus and orange. Nor do we jump on trends like chamomile and strawberries. Our tasty, edible paste is perfect for young and old alike to strengthen and nourish oral health. It even works great to keep dentures white! A major ingredient is benzonite clay, which is important for mineralizing your teeth after eating abrasive or acidic foods. The alkaline agents give life to your teeth, and the lush flavors will make you love this chore. Ideally you should brush immediately after you eat, but a minimum of daily use is necessary. Brush before or after flossing, your choice. However, pros recommend you rinse with mouthwash as the last step. Scraping your tongue and inside of your cheeks helps reduce harmful bacteria and slow decay. OUr formula is ideal for removing coffee and tea stains, as well as freshening the breath of smokers. Available singly in 5.29 and 2.5 ounce tubes, and a three pack variety sampler of 1.23oz tubes.

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