PERIOE Fluoride-Free Single Pump Toothpaste - Innovative Pump for Smart Brushing and Improved Tartar Care, Spearmint, Two Pack (285 g / 10 oz)

Brand: perioe


  • INNOVATIVE PUMP - Toothpaste tubes can be wasteful and unhygenic by leaving residue from squeezing. Prevent the growth of mold by using the fun single-pump design as each pump is calculated to be the perfect amount of toothpaste.
  • LONG-LASTING FRESHNESS - Each gram of non fluoride toothpaste is packed fool of refreshing cool mint scent and flavor that will keep any mouth feeling clean even throughout the days long after brushing.
  • PATENTED GEL TOOTHPASTE - Unique gel formula is designed to dissolve and foam quickly for a more gentle cleanse and improved tartar care. Only one pea-sized pump is needed to maintain prime oral health.
  • MAX VALUE FROM INNOVATIVE BOTTLE - Reduce wasted time spent on restocking toothpaste in the bathroom. Each bottle holds as much as three standard tubes of toothpaste and is designed to ensure nothing is wasted.
  • KOREA'S BEST ORAL CARE BRAND: PERIOE - Founded in 1981, Perioe has distributed over 1.2 billion units as Korea's leading brand in oral health care and continues to help maintain perfect smiles worldwide with adult and kids toothpaste.

Publisher: PERIOE


No need to squeeze, a simple pumping type
No need to squeeze crumpled tubes, no need to look for
lost caps, no need to stick the tube into the cup incrusted
with slime. Make your everyday brushing simple and your
bathroom tidy with a single pump.

Gel type quickly dissolves & bubbles
Gel type toothpaste dissolves and form bubbles quickly.
Our non fluoride toothpaste reaches deeply inside the mouth and it can
easily transfer ingredients and fragrance.

Capacity of 3 toothpaste in fashionable container
You can get a clean look of the fashionable container in
bathroom which has a same capacity as 3 toothpastes.
The price is equivalent to 3 combined toothpaste.
This toothpaste is both an adults and kids toothpaste.
8-FREE-COMPONENTS:Tar Color, Mineral Oil,Poly Acryl Amaide, Triethanolamine, Trichloric Acid, ParaoxyBenzoacidic Methyl, ParaoxyBenzoacidic Propyl, Sodium Benzoate

UPC: 803218556419

EAN: 803218556419

Package Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.7 x 3.2 inches