Natural Toothpaste with 65% Dead Sea Salts Essential Oils - Fluoride Free (Lemon Grass)

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Brand: Bussani


  • Reduce your risk of gingivitis, naturally, whiten, and feel fresher than ever with toothpaste Israel-made, FDA approved! Protects from fungus and decay, Ideal for gum care - Deep Clean, Refreshes breath clean calcium build-up, concentrated and very effective!
  • Reduce plaque and whiten your teeth with a soothing mix of 100% natural Ingredients Contains 65% dead sea salts mineral and oral essential oils, calcium carbonate, magnesium, glycerol, honey, lavender oil, whitening lemongrass oil, orange oil, tea tree oil, you'll be grinning from ear to ear all day.
  • Users share their gums stopped bleeding in a number of days, and organic ingredients keeps your teeth as healthy as possible. Their original Herbal Mint flavor is also ideal for people with sensitive teeth, ensuring a calm, relaxing, and freshening experience.
  • Natural toothpaste means fewer chemicals and additives, and more natural whiteners and essential oils for minty fresh breath. keeping you and your family cavity-free and clean all day. Whether you have sensitive gums, these toothpastes are sure to be gentle, refreshing, and loved by all.
  • Fast shipping worldwide from Israel by Eco post, arrives between 5-7 business days. We recommend taking advantage of the cost shipping for bulk buy from Israel.

Publisher: Masic


  • Masik products are made of pure high-quality cold-pressed and essential oils that contribute to skin flexibility, reinforcement, disinfection and pleasant fragrance.
  • What makes these products unique is the fact that they are 100% natural and do not contain water!
  • Unlike most of cosmetics products that contain 60%-80% water.
  • The external skin layer is called “stratum corneum” is composed of cells that contain the keratin protein. The cells are linked and connected to each other, creating a waterproof layer, while the natural oils are absorbed by the skin – that is also the reason why Masik products act as a 100% active ingredient.
  • Masik products nourish the skin and do not harm the body.
  • Due to the use of pure raw materials, Masik products are of the highest quality, nourishing and pampering the skin with natural ingredients, and are made with no compromise!
  • The products made with love while putting a special emphasis on every single product.
  • All our products are approved by the Ministry of Health.
  • The factory operates under the ISO 22716:2007 C-GMP management system.

EAN: 7290011415501

Package Dimensions: 6.5 x 1.6 x 1.1 inches