MighTeaFlow Natural Dry Mouth Lozenge w/ Xylitol, Clinically Tested, Developed by University Dental Professionals, Orange Cream Flavor, 90 Count

Brand: MighTeaFlow

Color: Natural


  • Clinically Proven Increases One's Own Saliva Flow up to 400%
  • Naturally Normalizes Salivary pH to Neutral, Helps Prevent Tooth Decay and Enamel Erosion
  • Restores Salivary Function and Protects Gland Cells
  • Provides Antioxidant Benefits as 1 Dose Equals 1 Cup of Green Tea
  • Contains Xylitol, the Natural Sweetener Preferred by Dental Professionals, Sweetened with Stevia, Sugar Free, Saccharine free, Safe for Diabetics

Binding: Health and Beauty

Publisher: Camellix

Details: MighTeaFlow utilizes cutting edge research coupled with EGCG green tea technology to produce a revolutionary method for dry mouth management. MighTeaFlow is the only dry mouth formulation developed by dental professionals. With more than a decade’s worth of research and a two year clinical trial conducted at the Medical College of Georgia’s College of Dental Medicine, MighTeaFlow has proven to be the most effective formula to treat dry mouth, restore salivary function, and balance saliva pH from acidic to neutral. The patented MighTeaFlow formula has been recognized by the International Association for Dental Research in association with GlaxoSmithKline with the prestigious Innovation in Oral Care Award MighTeaFlow dry mouth management includes five products-GUM, LOZENGE, ORAL RINSE, ORAL SPRAY, and ORAL GEL. Developed by dentists, scientists and hygienists using the clinically proven* natural green tea/xylitol formulation that Increases one’s own saliva by up to 400% Naturally normalizes salivary pH to neutral Helps prevent tooth decay and enamel erosion Restores salivary function and protects gland cells Provides antioxidant benefits as 1 dose equals 1 cup of green tea Contains Xylitol, the natural sweetener preferred by dental professionals Sweetened with Stevia. The lozenge is NO sugar, saccharine, yeast, milk, egg, soy, wheat, artifical colors or added preservatives. Safe for diabetics Provides a long lasting, slow release method for relieving dryness. Safe for denture wearers and helps inhibit bacteria growth Light orange cream flavor and freshens breath. Recommendation is to take a sip of water with the lozenge to help the dissolving process, or one may chew the lozenge. Allow the lozenge to alternate between cheeks and tongue to provide a thorough coating.

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Package Dimensions: 7.3 x 4.1 x 3.0 inches