Gya Labs Clove Essential Oil - Great for Toothache & Better Oral Care - Muscle Pain Relief, Nausea Relief & Acne Treatment -100% Pure Natural Therapeutic Grade for Topical Use & Aromatherapy - 10ml

Brand: Gya Labs


  • WARM SPICE - Our clove essential oil radiates warm spicy scent of aromatic clove buds. With hints of earthy grounding notes, our clove oil essential oil is great as a natural tooth pain relief for adults & boosting overall health of the body.
  • TOPICAL OR DIFFUSE - Apply clove bud oil on gums to relieve toothaches, or blend cloves essential oil with carrier oils to clear acne & blemishes. Diffuse clove bud essential oil to cleanse the air from micro-intruders that safeguards your health.
  • RELIEVE TOOTHACHES & PAIN - Using clove oil for tooth aches helps to relieve dental pain & dry sockets for healthier teeth & gums. With essential oils clove, it provides tooth ache relief for adults for you to smile away with confidence.
  • IMPROVE OVERALL HEALTH - Organic clove essential oil boosts the body's defenses to protect you against micro-agents. With your fortified defenses, rest assured that you stay fit & healthy safeguarded by clove essential oil organic.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Gya Labs organic clove oil is harvested from INDONESIA & STEAM DISTILLED to perfection for the PUREST clove oil organic. This oil of clove for toothache is perfect for improving oral health, to use with aromatherapy diffuser, or apply clove oil for teeth & gums.

Package Dimensions: 2.6 x 1.1 x 0.9 inches