Grether’s Swiss Herbs Pastilles Vegan and Sugar Free Formula for Dry Mouth and Sore Throat Relief, Blackcurrant, 30 Soft Pastille Pack

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  • TRUSTED FORMULA: We use high-quality, raw ingredients to create a smooth, chewy consistency and signature fruity flavor. Our pastille aids with relieving strained voices due to dry mouth and hoarseness and offers relief for a sore throat from cough.
  • FREE & CLEAR: Grether’s Swiss herbal pastilles are vegan and free from gluten, sugar, and lactose, for a naturally delicious way to achieve a clear voice. The added vitamins A and C support the immune system and maintenance of mucous membranes.
  • PROTECT YOUR VOICE: Glycerine is sourced from high-quality vegetable oil to act as a relief for dry mouth and to create a protective film around the vocal cords. The pastille has a soft candy-like, gummy texture and embossed edelweiss flower design.
  • PURE FRUIT & HERBS: Blackcurrant soothes and improves the health of your mouth and throat while offering an intense, pleasing flavor. Edelweiss has long been used to aid in soothing sore throats, while sage is a natural cleanser from bacteria.
  • MADE IN SWITZERLAND: Nature is our source of inspiration and innovation. These chews are formulated with Edelweiss extract and Swiss herbal plants from the Valais, Switzerland. Several steps in production are still carried out by hand to this day.

Publisher: Grether's

Details: Grether’s Pastilles were created over 150 years ago in Europe and quickly gained popularity for their sweet fruit flavor and soft, dissolving texture to aid in the treatment of dry mouth and strained voices. To this day, our pastilles are fashioned with the same original recipe and attention to detail that was used in 1850. The new vegan formula is made with the same attention to detail and makes these pastilles an environmentally friendly choice without losing any of their health benefits. Vegetable glycerin alleviates mouth dryness and creates a protective coat to aid vocal cords. Unlike the medicinal taste of cough drops, pastilles are created with fresh black currants that are harvested during their peak season and healing herbs harvested in the heart of Switzerland. Combined with other thoughtfully-sourced ingredients, every pastille is aged for 15 weeks to develop its soothing effects and unmistakable deliciously sweet taste. Loved by singers, performers, and speakers all over the world, our world-renowned formula also benefits individuals with medical issues like dry mouth syndrome and post-cancer patients. Add a pastille to your day at the first sign of a sore throat or enjoy them regularly to keep your voice in optimal condition. Easily pack in your bag, drop in your desk, or keep in your drawer so you’ll never be without the instant relief that pastilles offer to keep your throat healthy and freshen breath, naturally.

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