Expandable Floss Treated with Activated Charcoal, Xylitol and Natural Plant Based Wax | Fresh Mint Flavor | 50 meters each(2 Count)

Brand: Xlent


  • EXPERIENCE EXPANDABLE FLOSS: Our premium quality floss expands when it comes into contact with saliva to reach further between teeth and increase surface area of contact to remove plaque and food buildup. Get in between those hard-to-reach spaces for maximal cleansing between teeth and gums.
  • ENJOY THE BENEFITS OF CHARCOAL: This floss is infused with activated charcoal to actively kill the bad bacteria in your mouth and absorb plaque for a whiter smile. The refreshing mint flavor will leave your breath feeling fresh and healthy.
  • BENEFIT FROM PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS: Make flossing easier with floss that is lightly lubricated with natural plant based organic wax for easier handling and insertion between teeth. Boosted with plant based xylitol, this floss is designed to reduce acidity in your mouth, prevent bacterial growth, and combat tooth decay.
  • GET MORE OUT OF EACH PACK: If it's excellent value for money you want, then look no further. Each individual container of our expanding floss contains 50 meters of floss, compared to the 30 meters offered by most competitors.
  • 100% HEALTHIER TEETH OR YOUR MONEY BACK: If, for whatever reason, you are not absolutely satisfied with your Xlent Dental Expandable Charcoal Floss, then just send us a message and we'll give you a full refund-no questions asked!

Publisher: Xlent Dental

Details: Expandable Floss treated by Activated Charcoal also have Xylitol, plant based wax with fresh mint flavor that take out maximum plaque as floss expands between teeth once it get in contact with saliva, making tight contact which is effective in plaque remove. There is no animal testing done, hence product is cruelty free.

UPC: 671635619938

EAN: 671635619938

Package Dimensions: 7.0 x 5.8 x 1.3 inches