Dr. Ginger's All Natural Coconut Oil & White Characoal Dental Floss | Powerful Combination of Organic Coconut Oil, Xylitol & Deep Cleaning White Charcoal | Great Taste, No Harmful Chemicals | 3 Pack

Brand: Doctor Ginger's


  • CREATED BY A DENTIST: Dr. Ginger is a leading cosmetic dentist with over 35 years' experience. This 100% All-Natural Coconut & White Charcoal Floss is made with coconut oil to naturally cleanse your mouth and leave you, and your breath, feeling fresh & healthy!
  • BREAK-THROUGH SCIENCE: We are the first oral care brand to promote the powerful combination of Coconut Oil, Xylitol, & White Charcoal. This scientific breakthrough has shown a huge impact in the organic cleansing of the mouth and in-between teeth.
  • HEALTHY WHITE CHARCOAL: Unlike other charcoal based oral health products that use black charcoal, we use white charcoal to avoid the mess and possibility of tooth or gum staining.
  • GREAT TASTE: The sweet taste of coconut oil matched with Xylitol, a plant-derived natural flavor enhancer, come together to create the great taste of our floss. Our floss tastes as great as using it feels!
  • XYLITOL FOR ORAL CARE BOOST: Xylitol is a plant-derived natural flavor enhancer proven to reduce acidity in the mouth while preventing bacteria growth, a must have ingredient in the fight against tooth decay.

Publisher: Doctor Ginger's




  • Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil, White Charcoal, and Xylitol infused Nylon Floss is clinically proven to maintain oral health, support healthy gums, and freshen your breath
  • Formulated by 2 of The World’s Leading Dentists and Made in the USA
  • Tasty and easy-to-use alternative to traditional coconut oil pulling; however, it is just as healthy, and tastes a whole lot better than raw coconut oil (trust us).

Our floss combines the ancient and proven practice of oil pulling with modern, dentist-recommended ingredients to make Dr. Ginger’s effective, easy, and fun to use.

Why you should choose Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Floss:

  • All-Natural Ingredients - No fluoride, peroxide, artificial dyes or sweeteners
  • Clinically proven to maintain oral health and support healthy gums, and freshen your breath
  • Amazingly tasty coconut flavor.
  • Easy to use thanks to the stretch of Nylon!

EAN: 8689680004045

Package Dimensions: 7.0 x 2.2 x 1.0 inches