CLIO Designer Toothbrush for Sensitive Gums - 6 Pack

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CLIO by No!No! Sensitive Gums Designer Toothbrush

Good dental care should not involve daily feelings of dread. This gentle brush makes tooth care a pleasure again. Unlike competitors which have bulky handles, our thin ergonomic handles will fit perfectly in your hands.

Soft, Sleek, and Compact Toothbrush

Merging Design & Style - Perfect for office, school, and home. You live a stylish life, why shouldn't your toothbrushes also reflect your unique style? Brush in style, even with braces! Our toothbrushes are the perfect size for those that wear braces. They fit in between the tight spaces and brackets to ensure you get a thorough clean, even on the go.

Receding Gums?

This toothbrush helps you eliminate those gum problems and to build healthy gums so that your gum line doesn't recede. The micro-fine bristles gently clean and massage the gums - perfect for people who brush "too hard".

"My Brush" is our unique design toothbrush that shows toothbrush could be stylish. Unlike a traditional toothbrush, "My Brush" shows a unique design that leads fashion in the toothbrush industry. The concept was inspired by words such as unique, visionary, fashionable, attractive, outstanding and stylish.