Cinnamon Flavored Wood Toothpicks in Glass Jar 400 Qty (cinnamon)

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Brand: Flavasticks


  • Beware We Have The Hottest, Sweetest and Spiciest Cinnamon Flavored Toothpicks In The World.
  • No Calories No Carbs, No sugars! ALL THE FLAVA We Only Use Natural Ingredients & The Best Birch Wood.
  • Our Toothpicks Are Made The Old Fashioned Way.
  • Each order contains approx 400 cinnamon flavored toothpicks in a glass air tight jar for long lasting storage and easy shipping.
  • These Picks Last for Hours and Freshen Breath Immediately.

Publisher: Flavor Toothpicks

Details: 400 Cinnamon Flavor Natural Wooden Toothpicks in Glass Jar with Lid -
Convenient Aid to Help Quit Smoking and Freshen Breath After Food and Drink -
An Alternative to Gum, Breath Mints and Flavorless Toothpicks includes 2 Portable Storage Tubes for your Pocket

Flavored Toothpicks - 400 Cinnamon Flavor Natural Wooden Toothpicks in Glass Jar with Lid

Beware our toothpicks are hot sweet and spicy.

Made by us here in USA the old fashioned way.

Using a labor of love we perfect the most amazingly hot sweet and spicy toothpick on the market.

The convenient aid to help you quit smoking

Stay healthy by chewing on one of our flavored toothpicks which have been designed to keep your mouth and hands occupied, without harmful toxins.

Being natural and calorie free, they won't affect your waistline, nor will they make you pile on the pounds.

Made by our secret family process, they come lip searing and roaring with flavor. They are the perfect anti-smoking aid for you to curb your cravings.

Never suffer from bad breath again If you are concerned that you suffer from bad breath, or if you are self-conscious after eating then take advantage of one of our flavored toothpicks.

They freshen breath immediately and are perfect to keep close. Avoid nasty breath smells and embarrassment. Ideal for use after spicy food, fish, onions but also great for covering up alcohol smells and tobacco smells too.

Perfect for parties and events, If you're struggling to come up with a solution for a party favor or wedding gift then treat your guests to our flavored toothpick jars. Great for adults, they are a useful, practical and quality gift that everyone will love.

Alternatively use them as corporate gifts, thank you gifts, for birthday and anniversary presents, keep some on hand at poker parties, nightclubs and in restaurants and cafes too.

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