CariFree Anti-Cavity Gel Toothpaste

CariFree Anti-Cavity Gel Toothpaste

Dentist recommended non-abrasive tooth gel combines fluoride and xylitol to freshen breath and moisten your mouth. This perfect combination of cavity-fighting Ingredients aids in remineralization and neutralizes decay-causing acids. 

Dentist Recommended Anti-Cavity Toothpaste

Our minty fresh flavor and unique pH+ technology neutralizes decay causing acids and leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. CariFree Anti-Cavity Gel Toothpaste is recommended for ages 3+, so it is safe for your family and the tube is an approved size for airline travel. Stay fresh and clean, even on the go! 

Gluten Free Toothpaste With an Optimized Formula

Our optimized formula of sodium flouride and Xylitol combined with optimal levels of nano hydroxyapatite helps you maintain healthy teeth and gums while moisturizing your mouth to help fight cavity causing bacteria.