Progressive Health Canker Sore Relief Pills for Mouth and Lip Ulcers

Progressive Health Canker Sore Relief Pills

Progressive Health Canker Sore Pills are made with Monoplex, a natural remedy that can reduce the duration and occurrence of breakouts. In clinical studies on the individual ingredients, it was demonstrated that mouth sores can be significantly reduced in the first month. Further studies have found that after three months of supplementation, mouth sores may not appear for up to 1 year following the supplement regimen.

What is in Monoplex Canker Sore Relief?

Learn how each ingredient specifically helps problems that arise:

Zinc: Works with specific enzymes in your mouth to help soothe mouth sores, and promote tissue healing.

Vitamin B-12 and Folic Acid: People with recurring mouth sores have been found to be deficient in vitamin B12 and Folic Acid.

Lysine 500 mg: This essential amino acid is believed to help suppress outbreaks and to promote the natural recovery of mouth sores. Lysine also has shown promise in helping to combat cold sores and fever blisters on the lips.

Glutamine 2500 mg: Stress is one factor that is believed to play a role in creating mouth sores. Stress is also thought to deplete the body of glutamine.

Vitamin C 1000 mg: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects the cells in your mouth, and helps keep your immune system strong. It offers great benefit for keeping teeth, gums, and the mucous lining of your mouth nutritionally healthy. Vitamin C also plays a role in helping your body produce white blood cells that can help fight off mouth sores.

Mouth sores, they really hurt, and they can make eating and talking unbearable!

If you get mouth sores you know how they feel, they're terrible! Monoplex is the natural way to get fast relief internally while at the same time helping to soothe those sore sensitive tissues. It's time to stop treating mouth sores externally with gels & liquids that sting and hurt! Monoplex works internally through your system to bring soothing relief fast. Monoplex it's the advanced way to start the healing process fast.

Progressive Health Can Help!

  • Natural canker sore treatment
  • Contains vitamin b12: People with recurring mouth sores have been found to be deficient in vitamin b12
  • Contains folate: Similar to vitamin b12, folate levels have also been found to be low in patients with recurrent mouth ulcers
  • Contains l-lysine: May be clinically effective in reducing recurrent aphthous ulcers
  • Contains Deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL): This form of licorice blocks the metabolism of certain prostaglandins which can improve healing of oral mucosal tissue