BreathRx Gentle Tongue Scrapers

BreathRx Tongue Scrapers

BreathRx Gentle Tongue Scrapers is an easy way to sweep away the food and debris that feed odor-causing bacteria on your tongue and in your mouth. Scraping your tongue is a simple action with many positive affects on your oral health, including the significant reduction of bad breath. Our convenient 80-pack will ensure fresher breath for a long time.

Gag-Reducing Slim Profile

Use the BreathRx Gentle Tongue Scraper with its gag-reducing slim profile to safely and comfortably clean the surface of your tongue and remove all doubt that your breath is its freshest.

Get Fresher Breath with BreathRx Tongue Scrapers

Two cleaning sides for a better cleaning experience. Use the Regular for a deep clean or the Soft side for sensitive tongues.

Lasting fresh breath in 3 easy steps

Don't just mask odors, eliminate them in 3 easy steps - brush, scrape, rinse.

  1. Brush away odor-causing plaque with BreathRx Whitening toothpaste.
  2. Get to the bacteria that hides within the uneven surface of your tongue with the BreathRx tongue spray and tongue cleaner. The active ingredient in the spray kills bad breath bacteria on contact and neutralizes odors. The flexible tongue cleaner gently removes bacteria build-up from the tongue.
  3. Rinse away any remaining germs and debris with the BreathRx antibacterial mouth rinse.