450 Disposable Floss Picks: The World's Most Convenient Floss Picks, Individually Wrapped In 4 Different Colors

Brand: Avistar


  • Avistar Disposable Floss Picks Are So Well Made, Customers Rave About Their Quality & Convenience! We never use cheap flimsy plastic and we make sure our floss is made from the highest quality material in order to prevent frequent breakage.
  • The Perfect Travel Floss Pick - Going on a long vacation, business trip, camping or just lead a busy lifestyle? Conveniently keep our disposable floss picks in your bag, car, locker, office etc. Then just use once and dispose of them!
  • 450 Floss Picks In Multiple Colors - Not only are you getting quality and quantity, but you also get variety. Avistar floss picks come in four beautiful colors: Red, Blue, Green & Pink!
  • Best Disposable Floss Pick - Whether you floss often or go through lots of floss because of braces/invisalign, buy Avistar to save money while keeping the quality you deserve. Avistar doesn't promise quality, it's guaranteed.
  • Our individually wrapped floss picks with sterile packaging ensure that your brushing experience is always a safe, convenient and enjoyable one!

Publisher: Avistar

Details: Use our high quality disposable floss picks for good health, fresh breath, confidence, a radiant smile at home and on the go!

Stop worrying about annoying floss that takes forever to get in-between your teeth, is a nuisance to travel with and that takes up room in your toiletry bag while you are on the go or traveling.

You lead a busy lifestyle, and demand convenient and effective flossing. Choose Avistar disposable floss picks because:

►Our Floss Picks Keep On Giving - Avistar customers constantly express how much they love our floss picks because of their ease of use and quantity. With 3 packages of 150 floss picks laid out in four colors, you can safely floss for a long period of time and assign the picks to different people by color (or just switch up the colors for yourself to keep things fun). This convenience is backed by quality. Avistar disposable floss picks are made of the highest grade plastic ensuring durability even with hard to reach floss places.

►The Perfect Travel Floss Picks - Getaways, business trips, planes, boats etc. Avistar has you covered. Anytime, anywhere and at any moment, you can easily carry our disposable floss picks with you. Use and dispose! It's as easy as that.

►Individually Wrapped Floss Picks in Sterile Packaging: Every floss pick is guaranteed to be clean, safe, and sterile!

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Package Dimensions: 11.7 x 4.9 x 4.0 inches