Triple Bristle 3-Sided Electric Toothbrush - Clean Teeth Made Easy!

Triple Bristle 3-Sided Electric Toothbrush

Get cleaner teeth and a whiter smile in 1/3 the time with our PATENTED 3 sided sonic toothbrush. Triple Bristle has been scientifically designed to clean your teeth better and in less time that traditional toothbrushes and even Sonic toothbrushes.

The toothbrush that helps you brush

Indicator Bristles remind you when to change your brush head. Sonic bristles help create scrubbing bubbles to get your teeth cleaner, faster allowing you to achieve a deep clean without harmful abrasion to your teeth. Perfect for Dental Implants, Gum Health, Crowns, Bridges & Braces. YOUR HYGIENIST WILL BE AMAZED AT YOUR RESULTS AT YOUR NEXT CLEANING

Healthier teeth in 1/3 the time

Triple Bristle's 3-sided electric toothbrush reduces plaque, bleeding, and gum soreness. Our DENTIST RECOMMENDED Soft Brush is safe for braces, implants and dentures. Easy to use Triple Bristle head is perfectly angled to give THE BEST clean possible. The quadrant timer and ultimate heads cleans every crevice, helps remove stains and bacteria while helping you keep fresh breath and white teeth that are free of gingivitis.

The 3-sided electric toothbrush created by dentists

DENTIST CREATED & DENTIST APPROVED - Our unique cleaning design is recommended by Dentists across the United States because it was designed by a dentist. We have created the best cleaning and oral care treatment we could. This brush has been 4 years in the making and we know you will love it.

Electric rechargeable battery for maximum portability - Our 3 sided brush + Sonic Technology Handset has 31,000 Sonic Stroke Vibrations per minute with 3 modes for the perfect clean and massage.

Easy to handle and easy to use

Toothbrush handle is easy to hold - The ergonomic handle is perfect for people with arthritis, swollen hands, or other mobility issues. For caregivers, it makes brushing a breeze as the Triple Bristle 3-sided electric toothbrush does all the work. For Autistic and Special Needs, our brush ensures a proper effective brushing of both teeth and gums to help with tooth decay and cavities.