Yuantongshun Battery Powered Baby and Kids Toothbrush with LED Light and Smart Timer

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YTS Baby and Kids Electric Toothbrush

Every happy day starts with YTS baby electric toothbrush. Make brushing baby's teeth fun with our sonic toothbrush that will give baby the best care. YTS kids sonic toothbrush is an energy saving sonic toothbrush. 

Promotes Healthy Teeth and Gums

This sonic toothbrush makes brushing teeth fun for kids and the vibration provides a gentle gum massage to help promote healthy teeth and gums. Out toothbrush has a changeable head and battery for long-lasting use.

The smart timer function built in helps ensure a thorough clean and cleansing gum massage for kids and babies. They will love the bright orange color and will make them want to brush every day.

Quality Materials

The slim design is easy to carry and the high efficiency sonic frequency is IPX7 waterproof. Changeable brush heads and replaceable batteries make the Yuantongshen Baby Electric Toothbrush is perfect for the little ones in your family.