Mr. Toothy Kids Toothbrush Holder with Bonus Sugar Bug Rinse Cup. Tooth Shaped Novelty Child Toothbrush Holder Set. Large Holes. Fits Suction Cup Fat Handled Manual Toothbrush. Fun Story Included.

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Brand: Home Dental Hygienist

Color: White


    Imagine your toddler children rushing to the bathroom to help out "Mr. Toothy" fight off the evil "sugar bugs." This makes getting out of the house in the morning or getting ready for bed easier then ever before.

    Written by a registered dental hygienist who works with young children daily. The fun story introduces the concepts of plaque in the form of a "sugar bug" and enlists the help of your child to save "Mr. Toothy" from the dangerous "sugar bug" by brushing their own teeth.

    This toothbrush holder was specially designed to accommodate the much thicker handles of a child's toothbrush. Rest assured your child's favorite manual toothbrush will fit. Will hold 4 toothbrushes. (TOOTHBRUSHES NOT INCLUDED)

    The "Sugar Bug" rinse cup stores conveniently away inside the toothbrush holder. Additionally, this can be used as an adorable storage box on your desk or vanity. Can hold paper clips, rubber bands, Q-tips, floss, floss picks, Razors, or any other item you can dream up. Also makes a great as a pen or pencil holder.

    Don't waist your time on cleaning out odd shaped nooks and crannies of other toothbrush holders. The unique design has drain holes in the tooth roots for easy rinsing and quick drying. The smooth ABS plastic is easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. The lid comes off as well, for greater accessibility. Sugar Bug rinse cup is dishwasher safe.

Publisher: Home Dental Hygienist

Details: "Mr. Toothy" Kids Toothbrush Holder With Bonus "Sugar Bug" Rinse Cup By Home Dental Hygienist. Tooth Shaped Novelty Child Toothbrush Holder Set With Custom Designed Holes Large Enough To Fit Any Child's Manual Toothbrush. Including Thick or Suction Cup Toothbrush Handles. Cute Story Included, Encouraging Kids to Brush Their Teeth. Educational And Fun!

* SAFE & DURABLE - Made of food grade ABS plastic that is also heat resistant. You can rest assured your families health is of upmost importance to the Home Dental Hygienist team. We love families!

* ENFORCES THE IDEA THAT TRIPS TO THE DENTIST CAN BE FUN! - Creating a game around dental care at home translates the idea that going to the dentist can be fun too. "Little Johnny we are going to go see our dental hygienist "Miss Kathy" today. She is going to help us chase away all of our sugar bugs."

* MAKES A GREAT GIFT! - Your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews will love helping out "Mr. Toothy" fight off the dangerous "sugar bugs." Your dental professional will also find this adorable and maybe want to pass it on to their other patients.

* EDUCATIONAL - Teaches importance of daily oral hygiene habits in a fun way. This creates good habits for your child's life time.

* KIDS LOVE IT - Imagine teeth bruising time with your child to be a pleasure instead of a chore. Children will want to help "Mr. Tooth" fight off the "sugar bugs." No more fighting with your child to get them to brush their teeth. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a child's eyes light up because they are having fun.

*OUR MISSION - At Home Dental Hygienist it is our mission to create greater dental health between professional dental visits for families. That is why we created "Mr. Toothy." We wanted to empower parents and grandparents with the tools to for teaching good oral hygiene habits to while having fun. "Mr Toothy" is more than just a toothbrush holder. It's a educational game.

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Package Dimensions: 5.1 x 3.7 x 3.6 inches