TRIOLOGY Restoring Rinse - 1 Month Supply



  • Daily hygiene to help protect your gums and teeth and aid in the prevention of gum problems.
  • Those needing an effective rinse for gum problems (such as gingivitis, mouth sores, inflammation, bleeding gums and associated pain), bad breath, and dry mouth.
  • A safe, long-term use product for reducing bacteria associated with chronic bad breath (halitosis). Hot and cold tooth sensitivity and tooth aches. Children, special needs individuals and others needing a product that's safe to swallow.
  • Certified organic & all natural mouth rinse for healthy gums and teeth.
  • Gluten-free wheat grass & aloe vera, 20+ antioxidants & essential oils.

Publisher: TRIOLOGY

Details: TRI-OLOGY Restoring Rinse uses powerful, whole-plant nutrients and essential oils to aid in the healing and protection of gums and teeth with no harmful side effects. Micro foaming 4% carbamide peroxide is a safe and highly-effective antimicrobial agent that also naturally balances pH in the mouth. Plus, research has shown that antioxidants, like those in TRI-OLOGY, may reduce your chance of oral disease, including oral cancer, by as much as 60%.

TRI-OLOGY Restoring Rinse Is Great For:

Everyday Hygiene - Anyone seeking a healthier approach to daily oral care to help prevent gum disease and cavities.

Those who need an effective treatment for Periodontal Disease (including gingivitis, mouth sores, inflammation, bleeding gums & associated pain)

Consumers looking for a safe and lasting improvement of Chronic Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Sufferers of: Dry Mouth (even conditions caused by medication), Bad Breath, Bleeding/Sensitive Gums, Canker Sores, Inflammation, Auto-Immune Diseases, Oral Wounds, and many more...