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March 07, 2019 3 min read

Who doesn’t like a cold soda on a hot day or an iced-cold Starbucks cinnamon roll frappuccino to get you through that 3pm slump?

 Sugary drinks can be addictive, but too much of a “good” thing can often end badly, and it’s no exception when it comes to sugar-laced liquid beverages.

 It’s not a surprising fact that sugary drinks are incredibly corrosive to tooth enamel and can cause tooth decay. Sugar is also highly inflammatory and offers no nutritional value. So it’s no wonder that dentists around the globe are not advocating sugary drinks.

 But we’re not here to send you on a guilt trip after all life is about moderation, we just want to offer some pretty delicious alternatives you can consider to help reduce your daily sugar intake and even add a little more nourishment to your body. 


Home-Made Flavored Water

Your run-of-the-mill tap water can get a little boring after a while, so why not flavor things up by adding a few slices of fruit. This will not just add flavor but also reduce your sugar intake. You can add things like cucumber, strawberries, lemon, raspberries, or herbs like thyme or mint. As well as being delicious you will also be well hydrated throughout the day.


DIY Iced Teas

Majority of store-bought iced-teas are loaded with sugar and other tooth busting nasties. However, who doesn’t love the thirst quenching effects of gulping down an icy cold ice-tea on a hot day! Making your iced-tea at home means you can get that same effect minus the added sugar. Simply brew your favorite black tea, green tea, or a herbal blend, as you usually would then pop it into the fridge to chill. Add some ice or slices of orange or lemon to give it an extra kick.



Fruit juice is highly acidic and contains loads of naturally occurring sugars that can take a toll on your tooth enamel. But if fruity drinks are your jam then opt for making smoothies instead. When you use the whole fruit rather than just the juice, the acidic content becomes greatly reduced. Also choose more tooth-friendly fruit such as strawberries, kiwi fruit, or blackberries. By adding yogurt or kefir you will also get an added boost of calcium, which is a great help to strengthen your teeth. While smoothies aren’t the perfect drink for tooth health as they still contain a lot of naturally occurring sugars, drunken in moderation they are still a better alternative to soda.



Kombucha is a fermented drink that is becoming more popular in the western world for its wondrous effects on digestive health and detoxifying the body. While the fermentation process is aided by sugar, by the end of the process the sugar content is a tiny 2-6grms. It is also delicious! You can find this health-boosting tasty drink at most health food stores, also its popularity is causing it to pop up in better-known supermarkets.


Coconut Water

We’re talking the natural, no added sugar, unflavored variety here. This delicious nectar is rich in electrolytes and high in potassium making it super hydrating and great for digestion. It has a sweet and nutty taste that is refreshing and satisfying. It is fairly easy to come by nowadays and won’t harm your teeth.


So next time it’s beverage o’clock, try reaching for one of these nourishing alternatives instead. Your teeth and gums will love you and your overall health will reap the benefits.