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July 02, 2019 3 min read

Full Mouth Dental Implants


Save your own teeth:

                The world of dental implants is a fascinating and fast moving topic. It seems as though there are commercials on television and billboards on every freeway about the miracles of dental implants and what they can do for people. And dental implants truly are amazing … if you need them. The first thing I tell people that come into my office however, Is that it’s always best to save your own teeth. Just as you wouldn't get a knee replacement for no reason, there is no reason to replace your teeth without a reason. Your natural teeth are a fantastic part of your body. Their form, function, and design are truly awe inspiring. And there are technologies available today that make it very possible to keep your natural teeth for the entirety of your life. Dental cleanings, fillings, and all other dental procedures are much less painful and costly than they have ever been in the past. Keeping your own teeth is, almost, always the best thing to do.

Stop treating one tooth at a time:

            If you do happen to fall into the small percentage of people that must have their teeth removed and dental implants placed then full mouth dental implants maybe a consideration for you instead of just doing one tooth at a time. If we think of the mouth , in its entirety, as one unit then that might help our discussion. When people have knee problems they get the entire knee replaced. They do not simply replace pieces, or parts, of the knee. The knee goes bad and the knee gets replaced. The same thing needs to be thought about the mouth. If you have multiple teeth broken down perhaps you need to replace the entirety of your mouth and not just one tooth at at time. Some times the fear of removing 14, as an example, teeth all at once and pacing 14 implants seems daunting. The good news is that you don’t need an implant for every tooth you remove. Through some amazing engineering it is possible to replace ALL of your missing teeth with only 4 implants in the upper arch and 4 in the lower. Thus replacing 28 teeth with only 8 implants.

Is it costly to do full mouth implants?

            The cost of replacing all of your teeth in one surgery is higher than your average dental visit for sure. But you need to look at the amount of money that you would spend over the rest of your life on your teeth. After you receive your full mouth of implants you will no longer have to worry about cavities, root canals, crowns, or any of the other things that you would if you were to still have your natural teeth. Occasional dentist visits will be required to make sure that everything is still functioning correctly but , if you maintain your new implants with proper home care chances are your dental bills for the rest of your life wouldn't total more than a few $100 for occasional checkups on how the implants are doing. For most people spending thousands of dollars at one time , but getting to live with the benefits of instant teeth, far outweigh the frustration of paying the same amount of money over many many years while having to deal with the continual problems of breaking teeth and toothaches associated with root canals and other dental treatments.  

Technology and information

            Technology is moving at a breathtaking pace. Not just in dentistry but in every facet of our lives. What you think you know about you are oral care options may be out of date within a few months of learning it. Please do all you can to gain information about dental topics before you make any kind of decision. The Internet, books, and magazines are all great resources . However, nothing can take the place of visiting an actual dental professional. Schedule appointments with several dental professionals in your area so that you can get multiple opinions on the topic of full mouth implant's. Dentists, periodontists, and oral surgeons are all capable of doing these type of procedures. Information truly is the key to making a good decision about full mouth implants. You wouldn't run out and just get a knee replacement from someone you didn't do your homework about first period make sure the same is true for your oral health. For more information about full mouth dental implants and all things oral care related please see my website at